Aztec (Williams, 1976)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD - It’s all about the spinner from the right flipper and the U-chute on the upper right from the left flipper. 
 Go-To Flipper: Right.

Full Detail

Skill shot: the center lane at the top, which lights the spinner for 1000. If you miss it, try to get the center lane whenever you send the ball to the top through the spinner. Once the spinner is lit, try to get the lit side lane of the three at the top - - either the right or left lane will always be lit for advance bonus, they alternate on switch hits. Also, try to have the ball go over the top center rollover disk to advance bonus as it’s bouncing back and forth between flaps and rubbers at the top.

After you’ve UTAD-ed enough to get your bonus up to the maximum base of 100,000, shoot for either the Z or T standup target to light the spinner lane and U-chute for Double Bonus.

If Extra Balls are on, once you have both max bonus and double bonus, you can consider going for the remaining AZTEC letters. Completing all five lights the center standup for Extra Ball. If EBs are not on, avoid the C and E shots at all times.

Key feed: the kickout from the U-chute. Depending on the strength of the kicker and the reaction of the upper right bumper, you may be able to nudge the machine so that the ball rebounds off of that bumper back into the u-chute. Done several times in a row with multiple letters lit, this can add up to a lot of easy points quickly.

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