Attilla the Hun (Game Plan, 1984)

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Quickie Version

 No quickie version really; you need to get all six drop targets, all three top lanes, and three captive ball hits to maximize your scoring chances.  Look at the center grid and try to shoot to complete a column [best] or row of items.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

Base bonus is earned for each A-T-T-I-L-A drop target, each top lane, and three captive balls hits, to complete the 4x3 grid in the center of the game. Completing lines in the grid, e.g. A-T-T or A-I-T-H, scores more – 25K for a row, 50K for a column. Shooting the captive ball to complete T-H-E or completing the top H-U-N lanes advances your bonus multiplier.

A good bonus on this game trumps any other playing strategy. You need to spread your shots around and kind of get everything once. It’s much more balanced shot-objective-wise than most games, even though most of the shots feed into end of ball bonus rather than during-ball scoring.

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