Argosy (Williams 1977)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD.  If Extra Balls are enabled, once bonus is maxed, shoot the drop target bank to light the right side saucer to light the outlanes for EB.  Resume UTAD.
 Go-To Flipper:  Left.

Full Detail

Skill shot: make the top center lane to open the gate [lower left outlane]. If you make it, future shots should be to the spinner from the left flipper and to the advance bonus rollover disc from the right flipper until your bonus base is maxed out at 100,000. If you don’t make it, your next shot from the right flipper should be a not-too-hard shatz of the left return lane to open the gate. “Not too hard” because a strong shot will open the gate, roll up the left outlane, trigger the gate to close, and the ball will then drain out that outlane. If your ball is cradled on the left flipper with the gate not open, you have the option the shatz to the right, cradle, then shatz to the left. I prefer to shoot the spinner when it’s lit [for 1000 per spin], though, rather than double-shatz.

Once the bonus is maxed at 100K, you want to get the double bonus. This is the saucer on the right. A direct shot at it rarely works - - it’s too hard and will be rejected most of the time. Your best bet is to work on your next goal, lighting the saucer for extra ball [assuming they are enabled]. This is done by completing the set of 4 drop targets on the left. The rebounds from these shots will come to a flipper or slingshot, depending on how cleanly you hit them, and some rebounds into the slings will kick into the saucer for you. With any luck, the kickout from the saucer will go to the left flipper hard enough to let the ball dead bounce to the right flipper, setting up another shot at the drops. Once the bonus is maxed and doubled, these are your best option from the right flipper.

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