Aquarius (Gottlieb, 1970)

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Quickie Version

 UTAD.  Avoid the bottom entirely.
 Go-To Flipper:  Balanced.

Full Detail

The single most important thing about this game is to note where the saucer kickouts go. On this game, keeping the ball up top is paramount, since the decent points are saucers and lit center bumper hits. You want as many of these as possible. Your best strategy, so far as you can have one on this game, is to find a saucer whose kickout bounces the ball back close to a saucer so that you can get two saucers, perhaps plus a bumper hit, for the price of one. Find any saucer(s) whose kickouts that come close to doing this and then look to nudge the bumper rebounds into that saucer.

Note that this means a 300 saucer whose kickout sends the ball below is less desirable than even a lesser-valued saucer where the kickout stays up top. The center saucer [left-most of the three 300 ones] usually throws the ball down past the bumpers, so avoid it. The 200 saucer will throw the ball into the center bumper, which then kicks the ball back up, possibly into a saucer. If that bumper is lit for 100, so much the better. The skill shot is usually one of the two right-most 300-point saucers, which typically throw the ball into the right bumper.

When the ball is on the flipper, shoot it up towards the outside of the right and left bumpers. The flippers are set so low on this game that they probably won’t be able to shoot much more central anyway, so this is your best chance to get the ball up top. Avoid the bottom standups whenever possible.

Note that this saucer-bumper-nudge-saucer strategy is the same one as on “2001”.

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