Aerobatics (Zaccaria, 1978)

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Quickie Version

 Up Top until bonus and multiplier are at maximum, then shoot red targets.  
 Go-To Flipper: Balanced.

Full Detail

Which item in the “loop the loop” feature is lit [that’s the top left of the machine] is the key here. If extra balls are on and “bonus ball” is the lit loop feature, any time you have the ball on the right flipper, shoot the left saucer right away. Similarly, if the loop is lit for 10X bonus, take that saucer shot.

Other than that, it’s a mostly UTAD game. From the left flipper, shoot the right spinner, and try to get 10X bonus at the top saucer. From the right flipper, if the “loop the loop” feature is not currently on “10X Bonus,” shoot loop the loop to try to light it. In general, shooting up top from the left flipper is better than shooting the loop from the right, so if you have the option to transfer between flippers, get the ball on the left one unless it’s time to shoot the left saucer.

Once your bonus is maxed at 100K and the 10X multiplier is lit, shoot the red drop targets for 100K each.

Ignore the two standup targets on the center right.

When the ball goes down either side outlane, try to bounce it up off the white mini posts back onto one of the rails leading to the flippers. This happens fairly often.

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