What happens when a bunch of non-mechanically inclined nerds, with no knack for design, decide it would be a good idea to build a MAME (arcade) cabinet? Lots of really ugly shit happens. That's what.

There are some truths in life that some people are not willing to accept; All babies are not cute, all old ladies are not sweet, not every man's wife is beautiful, and YOUR MAME CABINET PROBABLY SUCKS.

To be fair, there are some really well done MAME cabinets too, like 1up's Pacmamea which has a well designed rotating panel. But, the crap far outnumbers the good. I should also point out that I'm not dragging out pictures of things nobody wants you to see. All this stuff was handed over to BYOAC as an 'example' or posted in the project forum. The people who built this stuff are actually TRYING to show it off.

And so, let the abominations begin ...

Due to digg.com burning through almost all of my bandwidth for the month in about 3 hours, the link above will redirect you to a mirror some cool guy set up for me at wickedretarded.com. Enjoy the crap.

2012 Update: Thanks to this resurfacing on reddit, I realized I never switched my own links back from wickedretarded to local, so I did that now. I'll always be grateful to the guy at WR that saved me from a big bandwidth bill on the day it exploded on digg, but that's not really needed anymore.